Austin media resources

I may remove Austin from the tile but here is something interesting coming up in Austin, perhaps:

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Spiderwood Studios

I have toured Spiderwood and met Tommy and Lori. Everything over there is awesome. I’m developing some projects to shoot there. News on that later.

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The Big 5 Major Hollywood Studios

Found this useful page on the Wikipedia and I may turn it in to two or more posts later

I need to check my notes from college but I was looking for the list of what I recall was the Big 5 Hollywood Studios when I found that Wikipedia entry and between that and this page I think I can say for now that these are the ones I remembered:

  1. Fox Film Corporation
  2. Loew’s/MGM
  3. Paramount Pictures
  4. RKO Radio Pictures
  5. Warner Bros.

As I recall the studios all had a specialty. I will look this up also but MGM was Musicals, Warner’s was Gangster films, Universal (a minor studio apparently) was Horror.

I do want to post more on Thomas “Inceville” Ince, the Minors, why Hollywood is in California since I brought this up and it is all related. And of course because the references could go offline and I’d only have my notes here for reference. So these are topics I mean to develop into posts.

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Viki King’s How To Write A Movie In 21 Days

I was working on something just now and found this very convenient blog of Dan’s at

Perhaps you will also find it useful.

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Michael Saleman at the IMDB

Integrated at of course is Michael Saleman’s IMDB profile.

Check it out.

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Michael Saleman has an AV rating from Martindale Hubble

Michael Norman Saleman is a Martindale-Hubbell AV rated attorney at law admitted to practice law in the States of Texas and California, Federal Courts of the United States and United States Tax Court.

Watch a great video presentation on YouTube!

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A dozen videos linked from the site are hosted on the Youtube Channel.

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We like them. Now you can too.

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Social media is being integrated into Michael’s online presence.
Congrats to Michael for putting such valuable resources online.

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DVDs or Personal Video libraries will return

With the unfortunate turnover in the Netflix catalogue I wanted to make a post here predicting the return of the DVD or some form of personal video library/collection.

I believe that if you have to have 5 or 10 subscriptions to streaming services to get movies that this will create a larger demand for “on demand” viewing from studios instead of a subscription, sort of like iTunes but for movies, or people will return to buying and keeping a DVD to insure they can watch their favorite movie when they like.

If there is a way to store your favorite movies digitally or buy a digital copy then that may work as well but my thinking is that if people can’t login and stream or watch either what they want or what they watched yesterday/last month, then they will turn to buying a copy to keep. Either on DVD which is also a pretty reliable back up, or a digital copy backed up to another source.

So the death of the personal video library has been exaggerated.

You heard it here.

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