Period Inn Project Information

We are currently scouting locations and developing the script for a Period Inn Project that may be online, a TV pilot, a film or some combination of the above.

If you would like information on this project such as how to be notified when we begin casting for talent, extras and crew please download, complete and return the NDA to

The project is still in development but more information should be available to you online under the Inn Login section once we have your NDA on file.

Thank you.

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Austin media resources

I may remove Austin from the tile but here is something interesting coming up in Austin, perhaps:

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Spiderwood Studios

I have toured Spiderwood and met Tommy and Lori. Everything over there is awesome. I’m developing some projects to shoot there. News on that later.

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The Big 5 Major Hollywood Studios

Found this useful page on the Wikipedia and I may turn it in to two or more posts later

I need to check my notes from college but I was looking for the list of what I recall was the Big 5 Hollywood Studios when I found that Wikipedia entry and between that and this page I think I can say for now that these are the ones I remembered:

  1. Fox Film Corporation
  2. Loew’s/MGM
  3. Paramount Pictures
  4. RKO Radio Pictures
  5. Warner Bros.

As I recall the studios all had a specialty. I will look this up also but MGM was Musicals, Warner’s was Gangster films, Universal (a minor studio apparently) was Horror.

I do want to post more on Thomas “Inceville” Ince, the Minors, why Hollywood is in California since I brought this up and it is all related. And of course because the references could go offline and I’d only have my notes here for reference. So these are topics I mean to develop into posts.

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Viki King’s How To Write A Movie In 21 Days

I was working on something just now and found this very convenient blog of Dan’s at

Perhaps you will also find it useful.

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Michael Saleman at the IMDB

Integrated at of course is Michael Saleman’s IMDB profile.

Check it out.

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Michael Saleman has an AV rating from Martindale Hubble

Michael Norman Saleman is a Martindale-Hubbell AV rated attorney at law admitted to practice law in the States of Texas and California, Federal Courts of the United States and United States Tax Court.

Watch a great video presentation on YouTube!

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A dozen videos linked from the site are hosted on the Youtube Channel.

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We like them. Now you can too.

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Social media is being integrated into Michael’s online presence.
Congrats to Michael for putting such valuable resources online.

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