Thank you for visiting 3Stage Productions at www.3stage.com to investigate our experience.

The staff of 3Stage Productions has broad experience in print, video, film and digital media. They have experience working with the following vendors, clients and/or partners:

  • ABC-TV
  • Alan Landsburg Productions
  • The American Kenpo Federation
  • The American Kenpo Senior Council
  • Apple Computer
  • Austin Film Studios
  • BJD&F Enterprises
  • Bloomberg News
  • Brian Duffy, International and World Martial Arts Champion
  • Bruce Jones, Texas Songwriter
  • Chuck Norris, yes Chuck Norris
  • The City of Austin, TX
  • The Independent Film Channel
  • James Hall, International Artist
  • Little Lizard Productions
  • The Mahncke Park Neighborhood Association
  • The Law Offices of Michael Norman Saleman
  • MTV
  • Much Music Television
  • The Olive Garden Italian Restaurant
  • Privateer Publications
  • RWR Designs
  • Sony Corporation
  • Starlog Magazine
  • The Texas Department of Health
  • The University of Texas

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