DVDs or Personal Video libraries will return

With the unfortunate turnover in the Netflix catalogue I wanted to make a post here predicting the return of the DVD or some form of personal video library/collection.

I believe that if you have to have 5 or 10 subscriptions to streaming services to get movies that this will create a larger demand for “on demand” viewing from studios instead of a subscription, sort of like iTunes but for movies, or people will return to buying and keeping a DVD to insure they can watch their favorite movie when they like.

If there is a way to store your favorite movies digitally or buy a digital copy then that may work as well but my thinking is that if people can’t login and stream or watch either what they want or what they watched yesterday/last month, then they will turn to buying a copy to keep. Either on DVD which is also a pretty reliable back up, or a digital copy backed up to another source.

So the death of the personal video library has been exaggerated.

You heard it here.

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