The Big 5 Major Hollywood Studios

Found this useful page on the Wikipedia and I may turn it in to two or more posts later

I need to check my notes from college but I was looking for the list of what I recall was the Big 5 Hollywood Studios when I found that Wikipedia entry and between that and this page I think I can say for now that these are the ones I remembered:

  1. Fox Film Corporation
  2. Loew’s/MGM
  3. Paramount Pictures
  4. RKO Radio Pictures
  5. Warner Bros.

As I recall the studios all had a specialty. I will look this up also but MGM was Musicals, Warner’s was Gangster films, Universal (a minor studio apparently) was Horror.

I do want to post more on Thomas “Inceville” Ince, the Minors, why Hollywood is in California since I brought this up and it is all related. And of course because the references could go offline and I’d only have my notes here for reference. So these are topics I mean to develop into posts.

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